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Queen stages of Giro and Tour 2013.

We can say there are three options in the Giro and three options in the Tour.

Giro options: ( profiles la gazetta dello sport)

Profile Gazettadellosport


Col de Mont Cenis


It seems to be a very long and easy distance from Mont Ceins to the start of Telegraphe but it is not easy at all

You can see the  central part of the descent, it is not easy, it is perfect to consolidate Breakaways

2. Val Martello


3.Tre Cime di Lavaredo

I like the stage of Lavaredo, but I don´t know if the best thing in putting it as the las t mountain stage. In relation to the other two stages, they are too short, and they have some problems. In the case of Galibier´s stage the stage should finish in descent, and in the othr stage thre is a los flat terrrain from Prato to the start of Val Martello.
We shouldn´t fail to mention that Gavia, Stelvio and Galibier are very high mountains, and the organizers should have prepared another options in case the snow spoil those climbs ( remember that they will be climbed in May)

My favourite one is Lavaredo, and the other two stages are difficult to predict, especially Val Martello ( t can be a stuff or a legendary stage)

Tour options:( profiles )


1. Bagneres de Bigorre

Mountain passes & hills

  • Km 28,5 - Col de Portet-d’Aspet5,4 kilometre-long climb at 7%
  • Km 44 - Col de Menté7 km kilometre-long climb at 8,1%
  • Km 87 - Col de Peyresourde13,1 kilometre-long climb at 7,1%
  • Km 107,5 - Col de Val Louron-Azet7,4 kilometre-long climb at 8,3%
  • Km 135 - La Hourquette d’Ancizan9,9 kilometre-long climb at 7,5%

2.Alpe D´Huez

Mountain passes & hills

  • Km 13 - Col de Manse6,6 kilometre-long climb at 6,2 %
  • Km 90,5 - Col d’Ornon5,1 kilometre-long climb at 6,7 %
  • Km 118 - Alpe-d’Huez1 climb of 12,3 kilometre-long at 8,4%
  • Km 127,5 - Col de Sarenne3 kilometre-long climb at 7,8 %
  • Km 168 - Alpe-d’Huez1 climb of 13,8 kilometre-long at 8,1%

3.Le Gran Bornand

Mountain passes & hills

  • Km 33,5 - Col du Glandon21,6 kilometre-long climb at 5,1%
  • Km 83,5 - Col de la Madeleine19,2 kilometre-long climb at 7,9%
  • Km 143 - Col de Tamié8,6 kilometre-long climb at 6,2%
  • Km 165 - Col de l’Épine6,1 kilometre-long climb at 7,6%
  • Km 191,5 - Col de la Croix Fry11,3 kilometre-long climb at 7%

In the case of the Tour I think the queen stage is the one of  Le Gran Bornand, because of its length and the climbs , but it is not really good, I would have preferred a Bourg D´Oisans - Albertville with Galibier-Croix de Fer-Madeleine or different climbs in the last part of the stage.In spite of that I think the mistake is not the stage but the following one finishing in Semnoz.

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